En el Este de Londres han decidido hacer de sus refrigeradores inservibles una propuesta de arte y de anticipación a una cultura deportiva esperando los juegos olimpicos. Cuando tienes disposición de ener una buena vida, hasta lo inservible edifica diversión.

Magnetic poetry is the go-to medium for people looking to get creative with their refrigerator’s white space. This summer, however, a group of East London creatives is upping the ante. “Films on Fridges” is a movie series and pop-up theater built out of discarded fridges. The project is a creative twist on the outdoor film screening concept that’s become synonymous with summer and taken over rooftops, parks, and evencemeteries in cities around the world.

Before the Hackney Wick neighborhood had a fridge theater, it had the “Fridge Mountain,” Europe‘s biggest stack of discarded fridges—20 feet high and wide enough to show up on Google Maps (see below). As part of a massive clean-up effort to ready the area for the Summer 2012 Olympics, the bizarre and somewhat beloved local landmark was carted away. Films on Fridges serves as a nod to the area’s past and a wink at its future as well: the film series is sports-themed—Cool Runnings plays this weekend—in anticipation of next year’s Olympics.

Screenings run through August 13, and many are sold out already. If you’re in London, get tickets here. If you aren’t, check out how they made the theater on the Films on Fridges website.